Our Mission

A Nexus Architecture

Zerve’s underlying architecture lets data science and ML teams explore data and write stable code at the same time.

Empowering Experts

Zerve’s architecture merges the capabilities of notebooks and IDE’s into one integrated coding environment with fully automated cloud infrastructure

Exploration & Stability

Exploration & Stability

Notebooks are built for data exploration, not deployment. IDE’s are stable but are not built for data exploration.

Zerve’s architecture enables data science and ML teams to interactively explore data in an environment guaranteed to produce the same output every time, meaning production grade exploration and stability - the best of notebooks and IDE’s in one.

Exploration & Stability
Collaboration, but different

Collaboration, but different

Simultaneously write and run code, comment, review changes and more.

Zerve’s underlying stable architectural foundation allows users to follow collaborators, experience paired programming, and learn from each other all in the same environment. Language interoperability enables statisticians, data scientists, and data engineers to do their work in the same place and even at the same time.

Collaboration, but different
Unify, Store & Scale

Unify, Store & Scale

  • True language interoperability between python, R, and SQL.
  • Independent storage. Analysis artifacts are automatically serialized, versioned, stored, and preserved for later use.
  • Serverless compute provides unlimited parallelization and fine-grained selection of compute resources – e.g. extra memory for complex data transformation spun up on demand only when needed.
Unify, Store & Scale

The Stable Foundation

Through decoupling compute and storage, data science, ML and analytic teams can experience an interactive, production stable coding environment
Zerve main window

Use serverless compute and persistent results by default

Reference any result at any point in the development cycle

Use the right compute for the job. No need to over-provision

Collaboration on data industry benchmark report

Zerve showcase video

Zerve’s underlying architecture represents a step-change for stable Data Science & AI Development.

Rob Hickey,

Former EVP of Engineering, Data Robot

Integrate with your stack

Zerve is designed to integrate with your existing data stack. Connect through code or use one of our pre-built integrations.

  • Code sync & Version controls

  • Self-host in your own cloud

  • Seamless data exchange with database connections

  • Independent deployment



Explore, collaborate, build and deploy with Zerve